Fire Dampers

Fire dampers

We provide fire damper surveys, remedial work and ongoing maintenance to ensure your passive fire protection works alongside your building fire strategy.


Fire Damper Surveys and Maintenance

Fire dampers are carefully designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke within a building. Their correct installation and detailing is therefore essential to realising the fire safety performance of the whole building.


What are dampers and ductwork?

HVAC ductwork is an important part of all modern buildings, they provide a way to pass air between rooms keeping the occupants healthy and comfortable.
Fire dampers are strategically placed to ensure when a fire breaks out, they stop smoke, hot air and flames spreading from one room to another.

The Problem

A requirement under the Building Regulations, fire dampers are installed during the construction of the building, but are often overlooked or ignored once the building is occupied. Frequently there are poor records of where these dampers are installed or if they are maintained. This is further worsened by the fact that – unlike something like a fire alarm or fire door – dampers are generally not on display.

The Solution

At FDS we believe that solution is one of management as much as maintenance. This requires record keeping and proper data management. We use the latest technology to track and record which enables us to, survey, review, service, repair and replace fire dampers if required.

The Conclusion

Smoke and fire dampers facilitate the escape of building occupants and allow easier fire fighter access by stopping the spread of smoke and flame. They save lives and protect property, which means their maintenance is of the utmost importance.