Fire Stopping

fire stopping

Any gaps within fire compartment walls & floors must be sealed with suitable fire stopping materials. If not, then the integrity of the compartment wall becomes compromised. We have many different types of fire stopping materials available for any type of compromised situation.

Fire stopping is all about containment. Firewalls and rated floors are designed to stop the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gases. Any time a fire rated substrate is interrupted (or penetrated) the rating is taken away. As firestop specialists, we are charged with restoring the integrity back to fire rated substrates (i.e. walls and floors).

Fire stopping uses specific tested and proven assemblies to restore the substrate rating.

Many occupied buildings have had refurbishments and installation of various types of services with inadequate fire stopping installed. Our fire stopping surveyors provide clients with in-depth reports enabling qualified installers to remediate this kind of scenario to ensure compliance is met for your building.

We provide regular reporting as standard including access to our web enabled reporting system, so clients are always up to date with progress of the project.

On-going maintenance

As part of the ongoing legal requirement to manage and maintain fire compartmentation, FDS are able to provide flexible aftercare packages adapted to client’s individual needs.

fire stopping