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Fire Stopping

Any gaps within fire compartment walls & floors have to be sealed with suitable fire stopping materials. If not then the integrity of the compartment wall becomes compromised. We have many different types of fire stopping materials available for any type of compromised situation.

Fire Doors

A fire door is one of the most important and often overlooked, fire safety products on your premises. The key to passive fire protection is to contain the fire to a particular compartment or room, giving occupants enough time to escape and the fire service enough time to enter the building and tackle the fire.

Fire Dampers

Fire dampers are carefully designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke within a building. Their correct installation and detailing is therefore essential to realising the fire safety performance of the whole building.

Fire Surveys & Maintenance

We can provide you with a compliance survey, remedial work and future maintenance programme. This will be tailored to our clients unique circumstance and priorities.

Fire Risk Assessment

To enable building owners and management companies to ensure compliance under the Fire Law and satisfy insurance providers, carrying out a detailed fire risk assessment is essential to protect life and property from fire.